My website is looking for a partner google code

    Hey. My website is looking for a partner google code. You must type in a search only numbers. For example: 8620364655989949

You will find these numbers in the source code index.html, immediately for partner-pub:

    You will get a list of sites that belong to the publisher. Why do you need this? I dont know.
    I understand databases and made an example of running the service. I can help you find the text in the source code robots.txt and index.html, example, robots.txt in: #Bitrix

    I do not know how to use my knowledge and I wait from you suggestions. I really need money.

    Attention, I write down your data hrefer and requests. I do not know why I write this.

    Write comments..

Today: 11752 unique in the database of partners, on 22754 sites.